Saturday, November 3, 2007

Let's talk about aging.

Yuck. I hate my grey hairs and I hate my wrinkles around my eyes and mouth. I hate my boobies too. I hate that I hate them. I wish I could age graciously, but I just can't.

Tomorrow is a busy day for me at work. It's our annual conference and I am so excited. I have solicited all year long for vendor sponsorships to help pay for the conference. Now, it's here and I get to see that the tables get set up well and they all get taken care of. This is my favorite part about my job.

It's daylight savings! I get an extra hour of sleep - which tomorrow I will need it!

Husband is away this weekend fishing with the boys. I really hope he has a great time. Tonight they should be back and they are supposed to fry their catch. Ughh. Fried fish, beer, and poker. I'm jealous - mostly just about the poker part. I miss him, but he is probably having a great time. Kids are at my parents house, I and I am headed to bed.

Good night.

Friday, October 26, 2007

T. H. O.!!!

T.H.O.!! (Titty Hard On time)

I am so cold!

It's beautiful outside, sunny, but windy and cold. LOVE IT! But our furnace (BRAND NEW) is broken. The contractor has called the heating and cooling guy for help, but so far - it's no show city. At least it's not 20 degrees and snowing. I will only bitch online for a little while, then I'll stomp off to whine to the contractor again in about an hour.

I am about to go take a long hot bubble bath. I love my tub. Well, when it's clean, which is NOT after my son is done with it. It's a big jacuzzi tub and we use it all the time. I think I would use this tub way more than I would use a hot tub. I like knowing that I'm not soaking in chemicals and the water is clean. Not a sperm bath. Not that we ever have sex in a hot tub... :)

Meanwhile.... I sent my kids to the mailbox to get our mail. It requires a key. The post office lady called and asked if I am missing my keys..... why yes, I am. THe little turds left my keys in the key hole. Ugghh. Is that what I get for handing my keys over to a 7 year old?

Today I paid bills. I made those follow up calls to the places you hate doing. I sat on hold for YEARS with many companies. It was a fun filled day - and I am still in my slippers and didn't brush my teeth. yuck.

Tonight I am going to the Pure Romance party across the street. I am excited to just get out of the house and not chase kids. I am excited to drink froo froo drinks and crawl home if I wanted to. But first, I think I should hit my caffeine stash - all those bills have me exhausted.

I raked leaves yesterday, and the day before that and the day before that. And again today. Tomorrow I will give up. What pisses me off, is that the damn tree the leaves are coming from is in the neighbors yard.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Sticky Toe Nail Clippings

One of my biggest pet peeves about my husband - or anyone in general (I think this one ranks #9): Clipping their toe nails and not cleaning them up. YUCK

My husband will often clip his toe nails while sitting on the edge of our bed. Does he go vacuun that shit up afterwards? Hell No. Gross. Yuck. Then I find them attatched to the bottom of my socks or my clean damp feet when I get out of the shower.

Why is it that children can't often think ahead enough to get a towel BEFORE they get into the bath or shower? They must also know that this is my pet peeve #54 because they don't bother asking me to get them one, instead they run through the house SOAKING wet looking for one. Now, as I walk the halls, the carpet is wet and therefore my socks are now too.

Enough bitching about other people's downfalls..... for now.

Sometimes,... I'll be sitting at my desk at work or in traffic and I think - what's hubby doing? I call him. He gets all giddy - apparently he was thinking of me at that very moment too and was just about to call me. That makes me warm inside.

The weather here has been AMAZING the past two days. NO RAIN = AMAZING. Oregon - go figure. The temp has been about 70 each day and sunny. I love it. It makes me want to do yardwork, but here at the new house, it also makes me depressed that we don't have a yard. Since it is new construction, the builder only paid for landscaping for the front yards, so the back yards are up to us. Our back yard it nothing but a mud whole. It's horrible. You can't even walk back there because this mud is the very sticky kind. I have a feeling that we won't have the money of energy to tackle the back yad until next spring. Bummer. So..... I mow the front yard and rake it at least once a week. over and over again.

So I briefly felt very OLD tonight. I went with a friend to a place that requires you to be 21 or older. She is having a Pure Romance party and wanted to find some gag gifts to give out as party favors, so this place was full of TOYS. We walked in and she instantly got carded. (she's 25) I started to get mine out automatically and then realized... wait a freakn minute... he didn't ask me for my id. WTF? I asked - do you card everyone? He said no, only those under 26. My eyebrow raised and I stared him down. Then he got "it". "Can I see your id mam" he said - I said - "good call, I was about to walk back out the door". BUT - the BASTARD did call me "Mam". He is twice my age - but still. I managed to NOT spend a dime there - I'm holding out to support her party!

Later Gators...

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Ooops, was that the bitch in me peeking out?

I feel like a dumbshit. A whiny dumbshit.

Ok, so the DISH situation has me a tad bit embarrassed. After all my whining, yelling and sarcasm to the DISH customer service people, I find out that the damage to my siding only added up to be worth about $150.00. I was thinking like thousands of dollars worth of damage - oops.

Things are good in sweet potato bump. Football season is almost over, but soup season carries on and on. If you are a descendant of my father's - soup season is all year long. But in my world, it is soup, candle and Joni Mitchell season.

I am trying to think of things to talk about - ...... Funny things, not depressing.

Here's a joke - then I will excuse you from reading ...

what do you call a "bee" who gives milk?

a boobie

My ten year old told me that one - and it's the only one I can ever remember.

begone now....

Friday, October 12, 2007

DISH - I am standing my ground!

Well - another day here in the pacific NW. I think today we are going to go to the pumpkin patch. I am not thrilled about this venture - but the kids are. In return that makes me a little bit tingly. It's not raining - in fact, it's sunny -partly cloudy.

But first I have to wait for the DISH man to arrive. They are not coming to my house on good terms. Last month we had the satellite installed and got horrible service. After calling for help again, we found out by another technician that the place the first technician installed it was incorrect and it had to be moved. When the 2nd tech moved it to the roof, left behind in my BRAND NEW SIDING was SIX LARGE holes. UGLY. Brand. New. House. Not to mention the horrible routing job that was done along the bottom of the siding with the wires. Each time he connected the wire to the house, there was another hole drilled in.

When my new neighbor moved in, he brought his DISH tech over to my house before installing and said - "Don't bother installing it if it's gonna look like this" WTF? His installation looked great and you can't even see the wire

Here's my analogy for DISH. If I had a brand new CAR - would it be ok to drill six huge holes into the side of it? NO - why is it ok to do it with new house? This is my LARGEST investment in my life (other than my kids will take care of me when I am old and poop my pants).

I am also waiting for the siding man to arrive. I am asking him to give me an estimate for the repaired back to the way it was. I want it to be replaced - not repaired.

What's my husband's take on this? He is thrilled that I am tackling it. He sees my FIRE and RAGE and just giggles. He is hoping to get DISH to pay us a check for the replacement and takingthe check to the bank. NOPE.,.,,... not gonna let him. He just wants a new dirt bike. I want my brand new siding back.

I am also watching The Price is Right - hasn't Bob Parker croaked yet? WOW - he's OLD!


Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Here I am - trying to be focused and work on my resume - but I can't. I will another day. Don't tell the husband that though.

I'm hungry and I want some starbucks. My butt hurts and I am cold.

go get coffee

then i can focus - right?

Well, we had a get together last weekend - a few for that matter. We bought a keg of beer - thinking we were only getting a 1/4 keg and got the whole dang thing. We have a great connection - so the cost was minimal compared to what it could have been. My point is.... we had alot of beer and not alot of people to drink it. There could be worse problems.

That was Friday night, so come Sat, we invited people over for POKER to drink up the leftover beer. We has three friends come and of us five - only 2 of them drank. I couldn't do it. I am getting OLD! To be honest - I was exhausted just by staying up the night prior, I was suprised I didn't need to spike my pepsi with some caffeine!

So... I am only writing today because I haven't written much and I wanted to be sure not to neglect this site I created. I have alot to say - but not the energy to explain the situations - so I will keep them to myself.

I need to take a shower - I am freezing!

later gators

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

GAZILLIONS of people in my new house - NO PROBLEM

Time to clean - where's my energy? I have a messy house and about a gazillion people coming over in about two days. Usually my stress overload would be going crazy, but today - I can't focus on the house. ANYTHING ELSE.

I think I have logged onto the net three times now. The DISH man came and the phone has rang 14 times - so my procrastination isn't the only one to blame for the unproductive day.

I feel like yuck. The rain has come and I miss my old fireplace. I want a blanket, cup of soup and a good book or movie. Lifetime. But then I would feel really guilty.

In two days we are having a houswarming party. WOuldn't you freak out too? It will kick in anyday. Most likely on the day of.